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Triple R Ranch

This spacious parcel has a mobile home with electricity, shared water, blinds, feeders and troughs with lots of thick vegetation for wildlife, ag exempt taxes

Property Description

  • Located in western Edwards County
  • Great easy access less than 1 mile off the highway -- Can get there in a sports car
  • Mobile home with electricity
  • Shared water available
  • 2 blinds
  • 3 spincast feeders
  • 2 protein feeders
  • watering trough
  • Skinning rack
  • 2 large 2800-gallon water holding tanks
  • The terrain is very gentle rolling
  • Good thick cover and great vegetation for the wildlife
  • Lots of live oak thickets
  • Small dry creek bed running through the property
  • Tons of axis in the area along with whitetail, turkey, hogs, aoudad, blackbuck
  • Well defined boundaries, good trail system in place
  • Many undisturbed areas
  • Ag exempt taxes

Contact Agent

Western Hill Country Realty


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